Maison Belle Toilet Cleaner 500ml

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Maison Belle Lemon and Mint Toilet Cleaner is a hard-working, non-toxic liquid. It removes dirt and limescale and is safe to use as there are no harmful chemicals.

Maison Belle products harness the power of natural ingredients to ensure extremely effective cleaning. Unlike other toilet cleaners the Maison Belle range is scented with fresh-smelling essential oils to leave your toilet smelling naturally clean.

  • Made by responsible manufacturers who are serious about ingredient quality and purity
  • Meets the stringent UK HSE standards for non-toxic household cleaners
  • Finished product is not tested on animals
  • Bottled in recyclable PET bottles
  • Biodegradable
  • Made in Denmark

Size: 500ml

How to use:

Squirt Maison Belle Toilet Cleaner under the rim and all around the bowl. Leave for 30 minutes, scrub and flush. Re-apply if needed.


Aqua (water), citric acid, IC4™-extract, perfume, essential oils.

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