Clippykit on CBBC

Calypso Rose (the London Young Business Person of the Year) and founder of ClippyKit, will make a special appearance on the CBBC programme, “Beat the Boss” (presented by former Apprentice contestant Saira Khan) on Wednesday 24th May (4:30pm).

ClippyKit is a unique range of PVC accessories (including bags, umbrellas and clip files). Each item in the range features transparent pockets which can be individually customised however you choose. Fill the pockets with photographs, fabric & ribbon, tickets, souvenirs – the only limit is your creativity!

MojoLondon stock a comprehensive range of Clippy Kit Bags & Accessories, including the new “Kit Bits” – pocket packs to help kick-start your creativity. But the real fun starts when you create your own designs!

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New Clippykit Products

Clippykit Polaroid Camera

Polaroid CameraA great way to make a bag truly your own is with photos of your favourite things, places, people and pets. Snap a photo in an instant with the snazzy Clippykit Polaroid camera. Fill a whole bag in as long as it takes to flash!

Bag Linings

Bag LiningsKeep your bag contents dry, private and secure with these faux suede bag linings, available in black or pink, they ideally complement the small Clippykit Bag.

Batersea Dog Kit Bits

Batersea Dog Kit BitsHelp the dogs at Battersea by buying a set of dog cards – featuring Poppy the Bulldog and Lucky the Terrier. These two pups have been fortunate and found new homes, but many of their friends still need our help.