Bradleys the Tannery Products Stylish & Practical Garden Accessories

Its seems its that time of year again when most of us remember we have a garden again. No sooner as we watched the snow melt the crocuses were flowering all down the driveway along with the snowdrops & the Daffs started to ease their way skyward. The helebores in the courtyard have finally beaten the slugs & are looking cheerful. Or maybe the snow made the little perishers retreat underground. I must renew the beer traps.

secateurs_41263-78.jpgNow apart from the odd jasmine nudifolium & pulmonaria the only thing flourishing in the garden has been the brambles! where do they come from? Every border seems to have been visited by the bramble seed pixie over the winter. They have seized their opportunity whilst we were busy with Christmas Trading to grow stems some as long as eight feet.

Also due to the pre snow storms the borders are covered in tree debris, Wegauntlets_41268_sm.jpg lost a beautiful 80 year old Laburnum which landed on the office & had the tops blown out of a poplar, conifer & ash tree. Anyway all this mayhem & mess reminded me of our great range from Bradleys the Tannery from Shropshire & I treated myself to a great pair of the Leather Gauntlets to help with the clear up.

Bradleys the Tannery do a great range of Gardening Accessories & we feature a wide selection of them in our Outdoors Section. They work using traditional methods and local craftsmen hand making every product in the UK using the finest natural materials and leathers, which are all tanned in-house.
The Gauntlets are in either all leather or Leather & English Linen in a variety of colours. The secateurs sets compliment these perfectly, a sturdy leather holster & a great pair of quality Secateurs with a vintage look. Leather Hats in Pink or Brown to keep the wind & rain at bay in the Garden or out walking.

Other products carried are Leather Knee Pads & Topiary Shears sets again in sturdy leather holster. We are just about to launch a new range of Bradleys the Tannery Products so watch this space.

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No Added Sugar Kids Clothing New Ranges

We are delighted to say we have added a new range of No Added Sugar T- Shirts & dresses to our Childrens section. New items have gone into the Kids & Baby ranges. Click on the image for a full description & price of each item
precious_tshirt.jpg“Precious” new born – 2 years
save_our_trees.jpg“Save Our Trees” new born – 6 years
happy_bunny_kids.jpg “Happy Bunny” new born -5 years

gme_over.jpg“Game Over” 3 – 8 years

“Pixel Bunny” 2 – 7 years


“Betty Dress” 6 – 7 years

“Florence Dress” 2 – 3 yearsflorence_dress.jpg

Moleskine City Notebooks USA, Canada & The Orient

The latest news on the next batch of Moleskine City Notebooks is now in. From mid April we will be launching Boston, New York, Washington & San Francisco. Autumn will see the remaining four cities Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal & Seattle.

2008 will be a oriental year with the release of the following eight cities:



Hong Kong






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