Moleskine City Notebooks latest cities now on sale

The latest Moleskine City Notebooks to be launched are Zurich, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Turin, St Petersburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Toronto, Philadelphia, Vancouver, & Beijing These notebooks are a must for any visitor to these cities.

It’s been a while since we published a chart of the most popular destinations for our moleskine customers, so long that we now have a total of thirty six Moleskine City Notebooks.
Each notebook features a key map, which gives you a brief overview of the city ofcitynotebook.jpg your choice, along with 36 pages of zone maps, which provide large scale maps the city centre. A 96 page tabā??separated personal archive keeps hotels, shops, addresses, places of interest and facilities neatly organised. A further 76 blank pages let you jot down thoughts, stories and memories.

Moleskine City Notebook Chartpag1.gif

1.) London still there
2.) Vienna up seven
3.) Berlin up two
4.) Paris down two
5.) Barcelona
6.) New York down two
7.) Rome down one
8.) Madrid up three
9.) Dublin down one
10.) Amsterdam down three
11.) Prague down one
12.) San Francisco up two
13.) Milan down one
14.) Lisbon down one
15.) Venice
16.) Florence up two
17.) Boston down one
18.) Los Angeles down one
19.) Washington down two
20.) Chicago down three
21.) Brussels
22.) Istanbul
23.) Hong Kong
24.) Athens
25.) Montreal
26.) Seattle stock the entire range of Moleskine City Notebooks