Coco Rose Foldable Shoes – Slip Into Something More Comfortable!

CocoRose flat, foldable ballet pumps are a revolution in the world of women’s cocorose.jpgfootwear. Designed to relieve your feet from the painful wear of heels Coco Rose are the cute, stylish and painless solution to killer heels. They cleverly fold away and can be stored in the deepest part of your handbag to be retrieved in any situation, without you even knowing that your carrying another pair of pumps.

What’s even more perfect is the black leather carry case that the ballet pumps are stored in. It unzips and unfolds to become your very own bag which can be easily slung across the shoulder.

CocoRose stands out from other brands as they adhere to the two most important fashion rules; Firstly they provide extra padding which makes walking a soft and comfortable experience, secondly the different styles make the ballet pumps practical to wear during the day and versatile to wear on nights out.


The vast array of colours and styles guarantees you will find the right pumps for you. The dainty pinks and creams, mellow blues and greens, and the exotic feel of the orange and gold pumps, makes choosing the right pair a difficult task.

Don’t just take our word for it, the new and exciting styles and colours of CocoRose have been splashed across magazines from “Wedding Ideas” to “Footwear Today.” They have they made an appearance in “the Style show,” part of the clothes Show Live 2008, where they were among top fashion brands. They will also be featuring in the most important fashion event of 2009- “Clothes Show London.” These convenient pumps became Marie Claire’s “Buy of the Day”, and the Guardian have deemed them “Emergency flats in a bag.”

Do you enjoy the uncomfortable experience of blisters after a night out? Then what are you waiting for? Purchase a pair of CocoRose Shoes online today!

Written by Carly and Jodie who work in our Twickenham shop who are now both addicted to Coco Rose pumps.