Moleskine Desk Calendar 2010

028481.jpgOnce again Moleskine has pulled out all the stops to ensure that its ever-growing fan-base will not be disappointed in next years range of diaries including the first-ever Desk Calendar. This entirely new format, one of many of the new diary designs for 2010, has creatively reinvented the iconic classic whilst still incorporating the best-loved features of Moleskine.

The hardback black cover folds back to become an elegant desk02848a.jpg stand whilst the elastic closure remains so that you can conceal the inner details of your life and mind from prying eyes in the office over night. The spacious day to view pages include lines for writing down thoughts, ideas, inspirations, daily events, appointments, and more. However, perhaps the best feature of the individual pages is that they are detachable. This means that you can easily discard pages that record days you would rather forget and count down to events that you are looking forward to, whilst the inner pocket provides the perfect place to store red letter days creating a neatly contained archive of the passing year that can be used to both aid your ailing memory and cheer you up on dull days in the office.
Everyone needs something to lift their spirits at work every now and then – so why not choose the Moleskine desk diary and make that something, an object with a purpose. stock the entire range of
Moleskine Notebooks & Diaries.

Moleskine Colour a Month 2010 Diary

02847a.jpgThe new 2010 moleskine diaries are out and this year they are better than ever, including the ingenious new colour-a-month annual diary. With an individually coloured pocket-sized volant notebook for each of the twelve months in the year they are the perfect way to keep you organised whilst still looking stylish!

Particularly useful is the day to page layout which gives you02847b.jpg plenty of scope for scheduling and rescheduling as often as you like, as well as jotting down highly important “notes to self,” telephone numbers or anything else that you feel the urge to write down, in addition the lined pages also delineate hours so you can see where you are meant to be at a glance.

02847e.jpgThe 9 x 14cm size means that the books are light and easy to carry in your handbag, briefcase, suit pocket or anywhere else you can think of. However, if you prefer the aesthetic outside to conceal the chaos within then all the notebooks come packaged in an elegant black case that is ideal for protecting and preserving both the covers of your notebooks and more importantly your thoughts within (it also means that they will make perfect presents for anyone who likes to be organised, or someone you would like to organise.)

The colours range from black to deep reds, vibrant greens and02847d.jpg cool blues,with the brighter colours representing the summer months, so there are colours to suit each person and every varying mood of the individual. All in all they are the perfect way to help you keep your life in check and even if you feel stuck in a rut, the brand new design that is easily distinguishable will ensure that you immediately stand out from the crowd, so that the rest of the world doesn’t know it. stock the entire range of
Moleskine Notebooks & Diaries.

Moleskine Diary 2010 are delighted to announce the release of the full range of Moleskine 2010 diaries, 2010 weekly notebooks & 2010 planners. There are 31 variations this year so there really is something for everyone. You can plan your year by day, week or month.

Have have your diary wrapped in either a Red or Black Cover a Hard or Soft Cover & this year Moleskine have launched a few new really special additions to the range.
02848.jpg The Moleskine Desk Calendar, Moleskine Colour a Month Diary Panoramic Diary & Moleskine Project Planner
All editions of the Moleskine 2010 Diary Range are available with FREE UK DELIVERY. With so many diaries we have included a very useful function on every page of the diaries to Refine Your Search to enable you to search by size, colour or style this will help you “drill down” as they say on Dragons Den to the diary you want.

If you still don’t have a Moleskine diary for this year you need a Moleskine Diary 2009/2010 which started on 01/07/08 & runs until 31/12/09 These 18 month format diaries are still selling well & are availble in Black or Red, Soft or Hard cover in 6 variations. stock the entire range of Moleskine Notebooks & Moleskine Diaries