Moleskine Diary 2010 Panoramic

02846c.jpgThe Moleskine diary range for 2010 is exciting in its originality – bringing many new ideas to the the diary design table and the fabulous new Moleskine Panoramic Diary that offers a fresh way to look at the workweek. The well-loved soft cover is still present and it along with the 9x14cm size means that it is really lightweight.

The cleverly designed pages use a vertical layout instead of the02846a.jpg traditional horizontal of conventional diaries. Added to this is the fact that one week is spread over two pages so that the week runs from top to bottom (start to finish) enabling you to see your whole week spread out for you in one uninterrupted glance so that even if your consciousness is broken and chaotic then at least it won’t appear so to unsuspecting colleagues.

As if that wasn’t enough, in the lower right-hand of the weekly pages there is a snapshot of the whole month so if you can’t remember when your great-aunts birthday is, just casually glance down and bingo there is your answer, so long as you remembered to diarise it in the first place. Above this are three more spaces entitled “to do”, “contacts”, & “notes” stock the entire range of Moleskine Notebooks & Diaries.

Moleskine Diary 2010 Project Planner

02845c.jpgDisorganised at work or play, don’t know what your targets should be for the nest hour, net-alone the next year? Then fear not, amongst Moleskines new diary range for 2010 is the brilliantly designed Moleskine Project Planner.

As with many of the other members of the 2010 Moleskine02845b1.jpg family it boasts the same classic features whilst creatively reworking some of them to give this particular diary a brand new modern twist.

The 52 pages fold out accordion-style (in much the same way as the Japanese album) and are lined on one side whilst the other is graph paper providing the perfect platform for tracking your progress (or lack thereof!) The whole year can be seen at a glance.

02845a.jpgNo matter what your project is – be it professional or personal – the Moleskine Project Planner enables you to plan both in the short-term and the long-term. stock the entire range of Moleskine Notebooks & Diaries.