Moleskine goes to Woodstock

woodstock_music_ico.jpgMoleskine celebrates the 40th Anniversary of The Woodstock Festival with a limited Edition Notebook Collection available fromSQP063W_main.jpg The collection includes four large Moleskine Notebooks designed to commemorate the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival using the theme of Peace, Love and Music.

One sketch book, one plain & two ruled notebooks, something for everybody. Never before have Moleskine had a motif on the front cover so these are really special & the start of a new era of Moleskine themes. There is an extra free gift with each book either stickers, postcards or in one book a comemorative iconic poster to “lovewoodstock_peace_ico.jpg up” your life.

The vibe of Woodstock has never been sucessfully recreated at any subsequent music & arts event, it really was quite unique & seen as a turning point in popular culture. Also shining as a beacon for people power. Why do we not realise their energy of people power? An event that at most was expecting 200,000 visitors eventually catered for over half a million & ended up as a free concert.

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