Moleskine 2012 Diary Range are delighted to announce the release of their range of Moleskine 2012 diaries, 2012 weekly notebooks and 2012 planners. The classic Week to View, Day to a Page, and Month to View formats are back as usual and with 51 variations this year there really is something for everyone.
Have have your diary wrapped in either a Red or Black Cover a Hard or Soft Cover & this year Moleskine have launched two special additions to the professional range.
The Moleskine 2012 Action Planner and the Moleskine Taskmaster Planner for those who need that bit more detail to their diary.

2012 sees the launch of two new Moleskine diary ranges. Firstly the Cover Art Range which features pocket & large horizontal week to view diaries with covers designed by artists Mattias Adolfsson and Sergey Bakin. Secondly there are two special edition ranges of Pac-Man & Peanuts Diaries with four diaries in each range.

Most editions of the Moleskine 2012 Diary Range are available with FREE UK DELIVERY. With so many diaries we have included a very useful function on every page of the diaries to Refine Your Search to enable you to search by size, colour or style this will help you “drill down” as they say on Dragons Den to the diary you want. stock the entire range of Moleskine Notebooks & Moleskine Diaries

Moleskine Passions Journals Pre Launch

passions_insieme.jpgWe have just been told that will be pre launching the Moleskine Passions Journals before any other online UK retailer.

These brand new journals are a companion for the Loves of your Life. Retailing at Ā£15.99 & qualifying for free UK delivery these books make the perfect gift for Moleskine fans who share one of the six specific interests.

Recipes, Wine, Book, Film, Music and Wellness journals to record and recall pieces of information, notes, clippings and drawings about your preferred

Moleskine lovers can use the Passions to neatly collect information and reviews about new recipes, books they read or books people suggest to them, concerts they attend, dishes they tasted, films they see or they want to see, etc, and to share these information with others.

Each Journal includes a set of different page layouts, with themed calendars, glossaries, listings, and a core part of alphabetically organized and tabbed pages to fill in.

All Passions come with a different series of themed stickers and icons, for page customization. On the back end paper there is a double pocket, for clipping, ticket and card collection. The classic Moleskine elastic band keeps everything closed, tidy and neat.

The black cover, one of the icons of the Moleskine brand, for the first time in the brand’s history is fully embossed with a tight texture of themed images and writings.

MoleskineĀ® Collections: books yet to be written.

The entire range of Moleskine notebooks is available from

Moleskine goes to Woodstock

woodstock_music_ico.jpgMoleskine celebrates the 40th Anniversary of The Woodstock Festival with a limited Edition Notebook Collection available fromSQP063W_main.jpg The collection includes four large Moleskine Notebooks designed to commemorate the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival using the theme of Peace, Love and Music.

One sketch book, one plain & two ruled notebooks, something for everybody. Never before have Moleskine had a motif on the front cover so these are really special & the start of a new era of Moleskine themes. There is an extra free gift with each book either stickers, postcards or in one book a comemorative iconic poster to “lovewoodstock_peace_ico.jpg up” your life.

The vibe of Woodstock has never been sucessfully recreated at any subsequent music & arts event, it really was quite unique & seen as a turning point in popular culture. Also shining as a beacon for people power. Why do we not realise their energy of people power? An event that at most was expecting 200,000 visitors eventually catered for over half a million & ended up as a free concert.

The entire range of Moleskine notebooks is available from

Moleskine Diary 2010 Panoramic

02846c.jpgThe Moleskine diary range for 2010 is exciting in its originality – bringing many new ideas to the the diary design table and the fabulous new Moleskine Panoramic Diary that offers a fresh way to look at the workweek. The well-loved soft cover is still present and it along with the 9x14cm size means that it is really lightweight.

The cleverly designed pages use a vertical layout instead of the02846a.jpg traditional horizontal of conventional diaries. Added to this is the fact that one week is spread over two pages so that the week runs from top to bottom (start to finish) enabling you to see your whole week spread out for you in one uninterrupted glance so that even if your consciousness is broken and chaotic then at least it won’t appear so to unsuspecting colleagues.

As if that wasn’t enough, in the lower right-hand of the weekly pages there is a snapshot of the whole month so if you can’t remember when your great-aunts birthday is, just casually glance down and bingo there is your answer, so long as you remembered to diarise it in the first place. Above this are three more spaces entitled “to do”, “contacts”, & “notes” stock the entire range of Moleskine Notebooks & Diaries.

Moleskine Diary 2010 Project Planner

02845c.jpgDisorganised at work or play, don’t know what your targets should be for the nest hour, net-alone the next year? Then fear not, amongst Moleskines new diary range for 2010 is the brilliantly designed Moleskine Project Planner.

As with many of the other members of the 2010 Moleskine02845b1.jpg family it boasts the same classic features whilst creatively reworking some of them to give this particular diary a brand new modern twist.

The 52 pages fold out accordion-style (in much the same way as the Japanese album) and are lined on one side whilst the other is graph paper providing the perfect platform for tracking your progress (or lack thereof!) The whole year can be seen at a glance.

02845a.jpgNo matter what your project is – be it professional or personal – the Moleskine Project Planner enables you to plan both in the short-term and the long-term. stock the entire range of Moleskine Notebooks & Diaries.