Mothers Day 18th March 2007

compactmirror_76085.jpgThis year we have a brand new range of Mothers Day Cards by Five Dollar Shake we think they are the best range we have ever had & its the first time they have been available online.03252bCard.jpg

If you can’t be with your Mun this year check out some ideal Mothers Day gifts, we can gift wrap for free & include the card of your choice.

Mothers day can be traced back to the 1600s. On the fourth Sunday of Lent In England ‘Mothering Sunday’ was celebrated to honour the mothers of England. ‘Mothering Sunday’ was also known as ‘Refreshment Sunday’ and ‘Mid-Lent Sunday’
Christians often called it ‘Refreshment Sunday’ due to the fasting rules for Lent being relaxed because of the ‘feeding of the five thousand’ story in the Bible.

As Christianity spread throughout Europe the celebration changed to honour the ‘Mother Church’ – the spiritual power that gave them life and protected them from harm. Churchgoers who lived in villages made a point of going not to their local church ( their Daughter Church ) but to the nearest big church (the Mother Church where they were Christened) which they referred to as going “a Mothering “.

Over time, the church festival blended with the Mothering Sunday celebration. By the 19th Century people began honouring their mothers as well as the Church. During this time many of England’s poor worked as servants for the wealthy. Most servants would live at the houses of their employers but on Mothering Sunday the servants would have the day off and were encouraged to return home and spend the day with their mothers.

A special cake, called the Mothering Cake, was often given by the grown up children as a gift.

Younger children often picked flowers on their way home from work ‘in service’ to give to their Mothers. Sometimes workers were allowed to take home eggs to their Mother as a gift.

In1914, Anna M Jarvis campaigned for the first ‘official’ national Mother‚??s Day in the US. & persuaded her mother’s church to celebrate Mothers Day on 2nd Sunday in May which was the anniversary of her mother’s death. The campaign spread from there on. The UK seems to have adopted the name Mother’s Day to replace Mothering Sunday.

No Added Sugar Kids Clothing New Ranges

We are delighted to say we have added a new range of No Added Sugar T- Shirts & dresses to our Childrens section. New items have gone into the Kids & Baby ranges. Click on the image for a full description & price of each item
precious_tshirt.jpg“Precious” new born – 2 years
save_our_trees.jpg“Save Our Trees” new born – 6 years
happy_bunny_kids.jpg “Happy Bunny” new born -5 years

gme_over.jpg“Game Over” 3 – 8 years

“Pixel Bunny” 2 – 7 years


“Betty Dress” 6 – 7 years

“Florence Dress” 2 – 3 yearsflorence_dress.jpg

Badger Lip & Body Balms added to Mojo skin care range.

sleepbalm.jpgWe are delighted to announce the arrival of Badger Lip & Body Balms. W.S. Badger Company have supplied us with their 100% natural & mostly organic products to swell our Skincare range currently only occupied by Burt’s Bees.
Bill Badger their creator used to be a Carpenter who also had an interest in22024healingbalm.jpg working with herbs & Natural remedies. It was during one paticulary cold Winter in New England suffering from cracked dry hands he formulated a mixture to heal his poor hands & which later became Badger Healing Balm. One of the most special balms is the Badger Sleep Balm. A calming sleep enhancer applied to the temples lips back of the neck or wrists is proven to help towards a good nights sleep all too important in todays busy world. There are five other balms available listed below or a couple of gift boxes containing three complimentary balms. Badger Balms start at £4.50 or £13.50 for a gift box with Free UK Delivery.

Badger supports organic growing, fair-trade & indigenous agriculture which helps to heal the enviroment we all live in. We feel they are the ideal company to compliment our range & support our ideas on dealing with ethical companies who care about our Planet & its inhabitants human or animal.badgermumbabtgift.jpg