Amethyst Royale Foldable Ballet Pumps Petite by Coco Rose

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Amethyst Royale Foldable Ballet Pumps in Petite size by Coco Rose These shoes are purple with a gold trim and are truly made for the diva in us all! No longer must we sacrifice comfort for fashion. Free UK Delivery

Just slip on your Amethyst Royale shoes, sling your CocoRose bag, containing your even more extravagant high heels, over your shoulder and off you go. No more teetering to the bus stop in your heels and no more waiting for the next bus as you watch the first one pull away, all because you couldn’t run for it! The best thing though, is that your commute only takes half as long if you CocoRose it, rather than if you wear those wretched heels! Now that’s shoes for thought…

Size: Petite —UK 3-4, EU 36-37

Our foldable flats have been designed with comfort and style in mind. We’ve put extra padding in the shoes to make them soft and spongy. The outer soles are thin enough so the shoes are a compact size but thick enough so that you can wear these shoes all day long. The shoes have a deep enough plunge at the front, revealing just a hint of toe cleavage. CocoRose shoes have an almond shaped toe, an elasticated opening and simply slip on.

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