Classic Series 302 Telephone Red

Classic Series 302 Telephone

A classic telephone design by Wild & Wolf that simply plugs into a standard phone socket. Features push button dialling, redial button, ringer volume on/off switch, tone or pulse dialling and a volume control for the earpiece. Available in Red or Black finish.

The iconic type 302 phone was designed by the prolific industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss and introduced in 1937. He used ear to mouth measurements from 2000 people to create the egonomic handset. The first to incorporate the bell in the base of the unit, the phone was originally cast in metal. This piece was later produced using a heavy-duty plastic housing. Its appearance, combined with a rugged construction, earned it the nickname 'The Cow's Hoof' because of its lipped hoof-style base. This early desk version served as the standard for the better part of World War II while telephone design efforts were halted due to defense work. The series 302 is surely a conversation piece in any setting.

Size: 220 x 140 x 190mm

Classic Series 302 Telephone
This product is intended for connection to analogue public switched telephone networks and private switchboards in the United Kingdom. Great New Home Gift FREE UK DELIVERY

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