Aquis Blueberry Adventure Towel (Medium)

Blueberry Towel (Medium)

For outdoor, sports and travel, Aquis® towels are lightweight, compact, durable and dry quickly —a perfect combination for any sports or outdoor enthusiast. Unlike other travel or sport towels, they feel extremely soft and supple, just like a towel you would use every day at home.

Aquis towels use microfibers that have a unique hydrophilic capillary action that draws water faster, more thoroughly and gently from hair and skin than ordinary towels. Because it has been woven from ultrafine microfibers, it has much more surface area for absorption and evaporation, which greatly increases its drying capabilities. This same technology also allows Aquis® towels to dry quickly between uses, keeping them fresher longer.

Size: 39 x 75cm

All Adventure Blue towels have a convenient snap loop for easy storage.

Washing Instructions:

Machine wash warm, Tumble dry medium. No chlorinated bleach, fabric softener or iron.

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