Moleskine Music Pentagram Pocket Notebook

Music Moleskine Notebook

The Moleskine notebook for musicians &sound designers, for jotting down harmonies &melodies or to just use as a notebook. 192 Pages of Music Paper


Size: 9 x 14cm

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Overall Rating: 5 Stars (5 Stars)

5 Stars “Excellent” — Marin, Croatia

“I believe there really are no other notebooks which can measure up to this one as far as durability is concerned. The last notebook I bought was not suited for life in a pocket, and soon became a bunch of ripped and thoroughly worn-out papers, from which it was really quite difficult to extract the original information stored on them. I really am very pleased at how tough this little notebook is.

The cramped staves are a slight but unavoidabe drawback; a landscape orientation might have been a better solution, but it lives up to it's intended purpose of being a handy, pocket-size item for storing unexpected musical ideas (which often seem to be the best).”

5 Stars “Perfect for motifs” — Alistair, Edinburgh

“I'm a saxophonist and notebook fetishist and I've been tempted by this notebook for a long time. I had previously resisted the temptation because I told myself it wasn't practical - it was just too small.

But as a wannabe improviser I've started creating my own melodic motifs, and I realised that this notebook was perfect; and such it has turned out to be. You'd certainly have difficulty composing a symphony with it, but it's not meant for that. For melodic ideas it seems specially designed for the purpose: exactly the right size.”

5 Stars “a robust music notebook” — Sylvain, France

“I was bored with notebooks that could not resist be carried all day long in my bag... The moleskin notebook is robust. Even if you can't write a full orchestra gesture on a single page, that's clearly enough as a reminder for musical ideas. Very useful. I'm waiting for an larger version with interest.”

4 Stars “At Last a truly pocket 'note' book” — Mark Gould, Southampton, UK

“Yes the staves are short, and yes the stave could be a bit smaller, but it's ideal for carrying anywhere, and much better than even the smallest normal manuscript pad for jotting little ideas and fragments (Boulez would love this notebook)

It's probably good for guitar stuff too.

All I hope for is that a 10-12 stave version comes out in the large format moleskine, preferably in a landscape format, which would be most composers' dream sketchbook/ms draft book.”

5 Stars “Perfect” — Juan, London, UK

“An indespensable item for my musical ideas in a convenient pocket size with a handy pocket of its own at the back. Exactly what I needed.”