Moleskine Ruled Pocket Notebook

Ruled Moleskine Notebook Ruled Moleskine Notebook Ruled Moleskine Notebook

Moleskine pocket sized ruled notebook. The classic little black book with elasticated closure and expandable inner pocket. Moleskine was the preferred notebook of literary greats throughout history.

The ruled Moleskine pocket sized notebook is hardbacked and contains 192 pages of thread bound quality acid free lined paper. This makes a great travel companion.


Size: 9 x 14cm

Ruled Moleskine Notebook
  • 192 Ruled Pages
  • Expandable inner pocket made of cardboard and cloth
  • Elastic closure
  • Acid Free Archival quality paper
  • Rounded corners
  • ISBN-13 978-88-8370-100-9
  • MM710

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Overall Rating: 5 Stars (5 Stars)

5 Stars “Raising YOUR Atlantis” — Thomas Greanias, Los Angeles

“Hemingway and Branson first brought my attention to these enduring notebooks, which I wish I had discovered years ago. I composed my first New York Times bestselling novel RAISING ATLANTIS at the computer keyboard and the damage shows in my prose. For my second novel, however, I've been making use of the larger ruled notebooks and achieved a quantum leap in my writing. As for meetings on the studio lots and at @lantisTV, I use the pocket notebook, an ever-present companion I trust more than the revisionist memory of my Hollywood business associates. Stray thoughts, key negotiating points and rare but keen observations no longer disappear Atlantis-like into the ether. Now I know where to find them: my Moleksine.”

5 Stars “Simple and Elegant” — Rowena, Uk

“I have over a hundred notebooks - don't ask why, but my favourite ones are still the Moleskine. I like the simplicity of the design and the quality of the paper - I am very very particular about that! I also like the innovative designs too, such as the storyboard book, the info book - all excellent concepts.”

5 Stars “A penny for your thoughts...” — mackenzie, Yorks

“Whenever I put pen to paper it's because it means something to me, it's important. I either need to remember it or I really want to remember a special date, time, place, event...or person, so I make a note! It's back to basics, it's a grounding, it's ever-lasting and not to be deleted into the electronic trash-bin, it shows you care because you were there and you took a note.. and note for granted! And when each draw in your mind is full... and you can't remember what was said, who, where, why, how and when... just turn the page to... a menny of your thoughts!”

5 Stars “Sheer Beauty” — Ivor Soras, Strasbourg

“I spend my time travelling the world in my Spitfire aircraft. I have a true love for all things classically beautiful. What better way of recording my adventures than in one of these items of beauty. The flow of a good pen across its smooth silky pages simply adds to the pleasure of writing.”

5 Stars “The classiest, most money way to transcribe thoughts.” — Sean, Connecticut

“Rarely can something with such simple elegance come along. And yet, this little book, with its elastic enclosure mechanism and its inner pocket make for something striking its it function and form.”

5 Stars “How refreshing....” — David Collingsworth, Hampshire UK

“How refreshing it is to find an Internet shop that replies to your emails in such a personal way. I was so impressed with the service. I purchased x 50 Moleskine pocket books for an event at work & I was given a discount for my large order. We are now going to use MOJOLONDON for all our events in the future. They did everything they promised to do & more. Thank you Mojo.”

4 Stars “moleskine” — Wayne, London

“I am very happy with my notebook. I found the site very easy to shop. I plan to use Mojo much more in the future. Your customer service in superb!”

5 Stars “The definitive pocket notebook” — Simon, London

“If you need a pocket sized notebook - then look no further than the Moleskine Ruled notebook. An elegant but simple book for making notes. The larger size is better for your office - but if you want to take notes on the road this is the one for you.”

5 Stars “It's the little things that matter...” — Molly Skin, Kensington

“The thing that makes Moleskine special is their attention to detail - the built in bookmark and the rubber band closure may not be a new concept - but when added to the pocket at the back, the space to offer a reward if lost or stolen - oh and it's illustrious history make them very special. No other notbook comes even close.”

5 Stars “A great book for songwriters” — Richard, London, UK

“I have built up quite a collection of Moleskine notebooks now. I love them! I am a song writer and I find them invaluable. It's a much more organic experience than writing with a computer and I find if I just let my mind go and start scribbling - I can come up with some original ideas. Sure - you can use any old notebook - but the Moleskine - was made for this. The pocket at the back is ideal for keeping scraps of ideas - which I later write up in my Moleskine. Tip: Use a pencil for songwriting - makes it easy to change lyrics etc but it also lasts longer than ink! - ink fades.”