Freud Rug Coasters Set of 4 from the Oriental Asian Collection

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Freud Coasters Set of 4 are not just pretty coasters, they are durable, washable and absorbant. For hot and cold drinks the CoasterRug® is a great way to protect furniture surfaces with its plush surface and natural rubber backing.

CoasterRugs® offer the same functional quality as their cousins the MouseRug®. They are durable even when washed and will last for many years. Why not match your CoasterRug® to your MouseRug® adding style to your desk at work or home.

DESIGN HISTORY: From the Oriental Asian Collection —The original rug was made by one of the nomadic tribes of the Qashqa'i confederacy in Persia in the 19th Century. The original Qashqa'i shekarlu rug covers the most famous piece of furniture in the world, Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic couch.

TECHNICAL INFO: Made by a company in America who digitally scans the real hand-woven rugs using the digital artwork with a patented fibre called Lextra to coat rubber pads. The base material is a natural rubber and the fringed ends on the are custom produced at a textile mill that makes the fringe for well-known makers of full size rugs. These products are hard wearing and have a surface which feels as smooth as velour.

Size: 3.5 inches x 5.5 inches (including fringe) and 4mm thick

The main Fiber Graphics part of the product is so tough, washable and durable that the same material is used to make floormat logos for Dodge Trucks! The only delicate part is the fringe, which could lose its twist from washing.


Best way to remove dirt, debris and other foreign objects is to use a fresh lint roller (or very sticky tape). Work the roller back and forth with firm hand pressure. You may also use a stiff brush to bring the foreign articles up to the surface and then do the final cleaning with the lint roller or sticky tape.

Our products may also be hand washed with mild soap by applying the soap to a clean sponge or rag and scrubbing the fiber surface. Avoid washing the fringe to keep its original appearance.

Rinse (again avoiding fringe if possible) and then place on a flat surface to air dry. You will find that with repeated washings the MouseRug or CoasterRug will become softer and softer to the touch.

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