Giggles Momiji DollBased on Japanese custom, Momiji Dolls are friendship gifts. Turn each Doll upside down and find a small slot for putting a teeny slip of paper for writing a teeny personal message on! The Dolls come in a variety of designs including Higgledy-Piggledy, Cha Cha Cha, Rainbows and Giggles (pictured). Start spreading the love one note at a time!

Clippy Kit Excerise Book CoverThe perennially popular ClippyKit range goes from strength-to-strength and remains the most fun, funky and personal way to accessorise! Brighten up your school day with the Exercise Book Cover (pictured), A5 Felty File , A4 Clip File or Pencil Case. The only thing better than one Clippykit bag is three and now the great value Kit Bag Pack makes it easy to carry around your shoes, toiletries or sports kit in style!